Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions--Not!

Here it is, New Year's Eve Day and I thought about my annual New Year's resolutions as I lay in bed, wanting to squeeze in 30 final minutes of sleep before I started my day. I thought about my Number One resolution, which is pretty much the same every year, to lose___number of pounds. Sound familiar? I resolve to do that every year because when the calendar rolls over into a new year I realize it's only TEN weeks to Cancun, my favorite vacation spot in the world! Then I realize that me in a swimsuit is one beachfront property nobody is dying to see!

I recently read that losing weight as a New Year's resolution is a sure-fire resolution to fail at--primarily because most people (like me) stuff their faces the week prior because they know that starvation cometh!

So this morning, instead of snuggling back for 30 more minutes of snoozing, I got up and on the crosstrainer for 30 minutes of vigorous activity--a full day before my New Year's resolution became official! Could this make the difference this year? Stay tuned....