Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Fly on The Wall

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall?
I had the opportunity on Mother’s Day. After enjoying a delicious dinner of steak, guacamole & chips at my M-I-L’s house, my grand-girl called me over to the edge of the deck to convince me to watch her jump on the tramp (not to be confused with what my sister does when she finds sleeping hobos in a backyard shed).
I told grand-girl I wanted to visit a little longer with the grownups. Instead of going back to the table WHERE I LEFT MY iPHONE, I sat in the swing and visited with my daughter.

Or should I say – I lit on the wall and watched with my two large compound eyes and listened:

My S-I-L whom I shall fondly call MCat [catching sight of shiny object]:       “Whose phone is this?”

My Husband whom I shall fondly call MCat’s Evil Sibling [gives evil laugh]: “It’s Terri’s iPhone. Let me show you what you do when someone leaves their iPhone unattended.”

MCat’s Evil Sibling unlocks my iPhone and shows MCat how to take pictures.

MCat convinces her Mother Unit to get involved in the fun.
My Daughter is watching with me. She loudly asks, “Where is my mom?”

Without pausing from her glamour shots, MCat replies, laughing hysterically, “I don’t know!”
MCat reveals the fount of all her wisdom.
MCat includes Splenda in the pose (notice me sitting in the background, still watching)
By now, everyone but the four perpetrators are aware that I’m there watching the whole thing

MCat thinks we need a pit shot (shout out to her awesome shaving hygiene!) MCat announces that she hopes I post these on Facebook.
My Daughter walks over to them: “You really don’t know where my mom is?”

Mother Unit: “I think she’s inside” [places hand over her mouth whispers loudly, “You know, P-O-T-T]

MCat clarifies: “SHE'S GOING POTTY!”

My Daughter: “She’s been gone a pretty long time.”

MCat: “When we get older it takes awhile”

Before she can photograph what she means by that, I reveal my presence. I laughed so hard I barely made it to the P-O-T-T!

Well, MCat – here you go! It’s not Facebook, but I’ll be sure to link it so the world can see how photogenic and photogenius you are. I LOVE YOUR STINKIN’ GUTS!