Thursday, September 18, 2008

Finding Faith & Having Hope

I could spend this entire post apologizing for the length of time it's taken me to post again, but suffice it to say--I am a slacker! Enough said.

My mother-in-law got married, my family vacationed in Disneyworld, my two little granddaughters are amazing! The kids are back in school and so am I. My final semester is happening now and I've had to put some of my writing on hold--although I am working on a joint project with my husband, Tod, with a working title of Skunkworks. I should graduate in December and then plan on putting my full effort back into writing.

I've been asked a few questions about Finding Faith--the main ones being "Is it your story?" or "How much of it is your story?"

The story and its characters are fictional. There are moments of reality intertwined in the story. I am a convert to the Church, like Kit. I had a friend whose family invited me into their home and that is where I first felt the Spirit. Fortunately, my friend and her family are all still alive; although they had no idea of their wonderful influence on me until recently--they think they are just ordinary. You may remember in the book that Janet talks about a lady in her ward who adopted three children after not being able to have more of her own. My husband and I adopted three children after we were unable to have more after our first three.

A couple of questions about Having Hope: 1) Is it a sequel? and 2) What happens?

Having Hope is a continuation of the story of Kit Matthews and you'll recognize many of her friends and family in the story. I will tell you that Kit goes to Romania. As to the rest, I'll borrow a line from one of my very favorite authors, the late Robert Jordan, and say RAFO!

(RAFO means "Read and Find out!)