Monday, July 16, 2012

Bucket list - Free Willy & Wakeboarding

A long time ago I learned from Reader’s Digest that no one really wants to hear about my gall bladder surgery (Yeah—I was shocked too).

However, no one—and I mean NO ONE—can resist a heart-warming story of a more-than-halfway-dead (hey—I am almost 50) woman crossing off an item on her bucket list.
Bucket List Item #4 – Wakeboard before I turn 50

Action plan – Attempt wakeboarding in a freshwater lake, away from beaches, to minimize the possibility of another ugly harpooning incident
Real-life photographic proof:

Me (bobbing in the water wearing magic helmet and bossing everyone around, because I know EVERYTHING)

Me (realizing my pectoral fins are worse than useless—they are non-existent, and the Fiber-one bars are not quite working as designed)

Me (getting up on the wakeboard, gliding across the water in perfect form)

 Me (preparing to crash & wishing I had a magic nose plug to go with my magic helmet)

 Me (underwater, spouting water from both nostrils)

Wakeboarding model displaying form, fashion, and ferran-tastic-ness (Ignoring the shouts of “Free Willy!”)

Hooray! I did it!

WARNING: Do not try this at home or near whaling vessels