Sunday, April 1, 2012

Four desserts and a bathroom

Dear Diary:

After three months of saying no to desserts I ate: cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake, and another chocolate cake. Four desserts in one sitting. My belly hurts and my brain is pinging like a pin-ball machine stuck in a million-point bonus round.


I made friends with a woman in the bathroom. She shared her bladder-surgery story, I confessed to eating four desserts, and then I accidentally tried to leave via the bathroom closet.

My new friend alerted me. Good thing I struck up a conversation with a stranger in el banos. Otherwise I could still be trapped in the bathroom closet talking to mops, wondering why the service in there was so lousy.

Thanks, mi amiga.  May your new, improved bladder come to your rescue as you did to mine!