Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Blogs for Old Dogs

Being new to blogging this year, I'm not yet very good at it. When you combine new blogs with procrastination, you get very few posts and even less traffic.

I tell myself I have nothing interesting to say, so I put it off for another day. Then another day passes, the days turn to months, and you have an inactive blog.

Many of us think "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", but as I attended a writers' conference last weekend, it got this "old dog" pumped up to share things on my blog. We all have interesting things to say and shouldn't let us tell ourselves anything different!

It's summer! I just finished the rought draft of my second book "Having Hope"! I have a brand new grand baby! My mother-in-law is getting married in 10 days! We're taking our children to Disneyworld in August! There are lots of fun things to look forward to; and lots of twisted ways to look at them!

This old dog is going to blog more often! See you in the blogs!


Cat Yo said...

I just finished your book, Finding Faith, and loved it!! I was up all night with my newborn baby (2 weeks) and finished it. I think I dreamed about it all night long. I have been hoping you would write a sequal - I want to see how things end up with Kit and Adam, does Kit's family ever join the church, and what about Justin! You had me guessing the whole time. I thought that Kit and Justin would end up together, or that she'd end up with Bryan, and what about Claire - I have to know what is going on with her! So much more to be told! Then I started thinking of a title, and I finally decided on "Having Hope". Well, tonight, at the end of a long day, I do a search under your name and find your blog and you tell us about your current book you're working on HAVING HOPE!!! I hope it is a continuation of the amazing Kit and Adam story. THank you for sharing the beautiful story. You had me laughing, thinking, guessing, and crying the whole way through. I think I just may read it again!

- Your newest fan,
Cathy mom of 6!

Shelly said...

I just finished Finding Faith, and loved it. It strengthened my testimony. I can't wait until your next book comes out. I hope it's a sequel, because I want to know what happens with Kit and Adam. And I really want to know what happens with Claire. Does she find out about Janet's death? So many questions about everyone. What happens to Ben? I hope your second book is a sequel because I'm going crazy. Thanks for becoming an author.


Heather said...

Dear Ms. Ferran (or should I call you 'Sister?'),
Like everyone else who has commented, I just finished your book, too. You are an amazing writer and I wish we could talk in person because I'm an aspiring--though adolescent--writer and it would be really neat to get advice from you! I just have to ask how you came up with what happened in the book. I know from reading your biography that you are a convert to the church just like Kit is. Did you use many of your experiences of being introduced to the Gospel in your book? Finding Faith had me guessing the entire time! I'm glad Kit doesn't lose her testimony after that one member of the Bridger family dies (I won't say who because it might ruin the story for someone else!). Like everyone else, I too hope there will be a sequel, and I can't wait for Having Hope to come out, even if it's a whole new story line. You are really a great author and I'm looking for more news about you and your books. I'll pass Finding Faith on to all of my friends! Your book gave me an outlook on how people outside of our church see things. Now I have new resolve to get along better with my family (maybe one day someone will feel the Spirit in MY house, too!) and do the things I'm supposed to be doing so I can be a good example like Janet. Oh, and I now have the ultimate best saying ever, thanks to you! "If you can't stand it, kneel." So as you can tell, your book left me happy and very eager for more! And now I'm crushing on Adam! Thanks again,