Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New World Record for Me!

Great news today--Having Hope, which had been pushed to an April 2009 release date, is back at a March 2009 release date. Yippee! That means it will be out and in stores in time for Mother's Day. Let's cross our fingers that we see it in the Deseret Book Mother's Day catalog.

It's a personal first for me--I've posted two times in one month. Every now and then I remember I need to update my blog and put it off long enough to forget it. My husband suggested I schedule a time each week to update it. Eeeek! The pressure of it all! He entered a reminder in his Outlook to remind me to blog every Monday. Too late! Monday is already Presidency meeting and Laundry day. I'm all full up here.

Incentive to Blog: When your daughter starts a blog and has three comments within the first half hour. Hmmmm, maybe I'm going to have to blog more often. Maybe I'll have to give out my blog address to people!