Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Terri, Terri, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

I wanted a garden this year. Not just a few tomato plants fighting the morning glory at the side of the house where all the snakes vacation—but a real garden.

My husband complied. Armed with scrap wood, his trusty drill and a 14-year old son with ADHD, he built a bevy of beautiful garden boxes. If three can be considered a bevy. The box-buildin’ is a totally different story, however.

I go out to check my seedlings on a semi-regular basis. We have some of the usual problems—like the soak-hoses splitting, causing a flood, and washing away half of the dirt and many, many sproutless seeds. Oh, and forgetting to water it for several days at a time—luckily June was a rainy month this year.

But lo and behold! Things are growing! The tomatoes are doing great and so are the other crops-to-be such as peppers (three kinds—which I hate) and the cantaloupe and the watermelon. Only one of the cucumber plants survived, sniff.

I eagerly watched the sprouts—the cauliflower is pathetic with only two plants from the whole package of seeds. But the broccoli! I AM A BROCCOLI-GROWING WONDER! I watched the blossoms and eagerly anticipated the fresh fruit—I mean vegetables. Whatever—I’m excited!

It has been a few days since I checked on my precious leafy stalks. Was I ever surprised by what I found. LOOK AT THE BOUNTEOUS BROCCOLI! It’s a proliferous cruciferous, indeed.

Now look at broccoli stripped of its lush leaves:

Yep. I figured out the broccoli were really radishes. I took a taste of one. Like a middle-aged hag weeding in July and discovering her beloved broccoli were radishes—they were hot, tough, and bitter.

I’ve been wondering where the radishes were planted. What other surprises will I reap, since I can't remember or recognize what I've sown...


Valora said...

Terri! How funny! Radishes! lol
Gardening does grow on you after a while. It's exhausting, addicting and can make you cry and smile and laugh right out loud. Amazing what some dirt and seeds can do for a human being. You'll have to check my blog out and follow our progress. I'll have an article written about it soon! Have a great day!

Melissa said...

Good on ya for the gardening. We still haven't gotten "that mormon" yet. Working on it.

And c'mon don't be a radish hatah! LOL

I'll be expecting to enjoy a tomato or two from your bounteous harvest......

Teri said...

LOL! Gosh and I thought I would be reading about flower gardening! hehe! I love my crepe myrtles but because I forget to water flowers and ferns, I went to silk. Thought about that for veggy gardening but I just don't have the teeth or guts for it! ;P
I am impressed with your talent and desire!
I am with Melissa... not there yet. Maybe I was gardened out in my youth when as kids we were each given plots. Mine was always the most bounteous, but I also discovered squash is great and easy :) so I reached my gardening quota at a young age! That is my story and I am sticking to it, for how!
Good luck and keep us posted!

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