Friday, October 23, 2009

5 People I Would Love to be Trapped in an Elevator With--NOT!

My SIL played a game on her blog “5 People I would love to be trapped in an elevator with. You can read her list here:

She invited all to play the game. Her husband's choice is especially clever. I just had to comment:

I don't play that game. I play the game "Who would you NOT like to be stuck in the elevator with?"

1) Manuel Uribe (google that one if you need to)

2) Anyone eating ranch dressing

3) Anyone with pickle-breath

4) Anyone who stood between you & me and a diet coke

5) Me, on a cleanse (stuck elevators and boats are discouraged under this scenario)

FYI--tonight, after the conference let out, in a crowded elevator we stopped on a floor and 3 punk-looking tattoo-covered specimen stepped on. One said, "It stinks in here." All was silent so I spoke up from the back, "Excuse me" in an embarrassed tone. He quickly apologized and said he didn't mean me. I didn't really fluff, I just wanted to say "excuse me" in a crowded elevator when someone commented that it stunk.


M-Cat said...

I'm still laughing! And right now, there is an obstacle between me and I diet coke. Someone is gonna get hurt.... (I hope it's not me)

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

lol!!! THAT is a good one!! :D