Monday, March 30, 2009

Comments and actions that mean a LOT!

I had a great time at Seagull Book last Saturday--made some new friends and sold some books. The staff at the West Jordan Seagull are Wonderful! Thanks so much to "M", my sista-from-another-mista who always supports me, even when she's just run a race (in which she beat her personal best--Go Melissa!) My M-I-L also shows up faithfully, even when I forget to invite her for steak & guacamole.

I want to share two reader comments I received last week:

"Sister Ferran, Thank you for writing such awesome books! I LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I LOVE TWILIGHT..." (okay--I added the screaming caps!) Thanks, Kiana. It's one of the best compliments I've ever received because it came from an avid teen reader who loves the Twilight series. (I personally like Ms. Meyer's The Host better).


"Terri, I loved your book, Having Hope. But when you write the next book, can you be in a happier place?" Candice, I'm just saying--That IS my happier place!I loved her comment because it was from a lady near my own age, and, let's face it--the books are designed to make you cry (a little), and laugh (a little more), and leave you feeling just a little bit better than when you started.

It's all this bean-counting that's sucking my creative juices out into the charred remains of Accounting b-b-q.



Rachel said...

I absolutely love your books Aunt Terri! I'm almost finished with Having Hope and I can hardly put it down. I agree that these books surpass Twilight (which I am in love with). Not only are your books real life, but they teach something. I love your characters and their stories. Don't ever stop writing!

Melissa said...

Not a Twilight fan. But a Ferran fan, and I love you like a fat kids loves cake!
Your the best, and while the creative juices might be running a little low right now, you know it's just a phase, and at heart you are a brilliant writer with wit unsurpassed.

Awaiting next feature......