Sunday, March 22, 2009

Upcoming Booksigning

I'll be at Seagull Bookstore in West Jordan (1625 W 90th So) on Saturday, March 28th from noon - 2:00 pm for a signing. Please stop in to say "Hi" and pick up Having Hope, the sequel to Finding Faith.

There will be other authors signing as well that day (although I don't have a list of which ones, specifically)--but take it from me:

Authors are fun people to talk to! We are so fun, we often talk to ourselves. Sometimes we make up people to talk to, which works extremely well when you're writing a book (as long as it's fiction), but not so great when you are sitting at a table, in a bookstore, by yourself...

So treat yourself to a browse in the bookstore this Saturday. I'm sure there is a book there that is just calling out to you "Read me, read me!" And, you just might see a not-quite-right author talking to herself!

P.S. There will be chocolate :-)


Melissa said...

Will be linking you from my blog shortly.

Your truly,
Your pimp.


Vennesa said...

I think you need a book signing closer to the Ogden area. I really enjoyed Finding Faith!