Sunday, July 18, 2010

A GRAND experience!

Warm chocolate chip cookies, tall cold glass of milk, plush robe…

Sounds GRAND doesn’t it?

But wait, there’s more!

Italian marble bathrooms
17th Century Flemish tapestries
Handcrafted Richelieu furniture

It is GRAND!

My husband and I spent a delightful night here (thanks to my employer who provided us with this gift!)

It was beautiful and glorious and is Salt Lake’s only AAA Five Diamond Hotel.

I sometimes forget what a beautiful valley we live in, but the ceiling to floor window provided a view of the city and mountains that I usually take for granted.

Of course, I immediately checked out the little fridge & being the cheapskate that I am, removed the Evian ($3.50) in order to chill my Arrowhead ($0.25). The tiny, classy bottle of Diet Coke ($3.50) got pushed aside for my 16 oz bottle($0.40) with the proper Coke-bottle-curves.

The Grand America has something for EVERYONE, as evidenced by the thoughtful items for sale in the little cabinet next to the fridge (of course I had to take photos, but only had my phone camera):

FIRST AID KIT $6 (two bandages, two Tylenol™, two antihistamines, two antacids, one antiseptic towelette)

INTIMACY KIT $6 (the contents of this kit are…intimate)

DECK OF CARDS $10 (playing Solitaire is a lonely, expensive business—not to mention, a solitary one)

They think of everything (except the beds in the New Orleans Marriott are much more comfortable) and the best rating I can give it is this one: We will return to this GRAND place—on our own dime next time (or dollar or credit card, as the season warrants).


M-Cat said...

NGL - a tich jealous here! It looks absolutely GRAND!

Melissa and Jeff said...

I didn't know you were working at a CPA firm! I totally am going to hit you up for a favor. My hubby is graduating with his MBA next month and is planning on sitting for the CPA exam soon. Is there any possibility of an internship or employment at your work?????
The hotel looks awesome, I have always wanted to stay there, it looks beautiful.

Terri Ferran said...

Melissa (not M-Cat)

Our firm is in Ogden, and I don't think we're hiring right now, but send the resume to me and I'll pass it on.

I hope you're doing well--I haven't seen you for a long time.