Sunday, August 30, 2009

YOYOs...a brief history

When my husband is in charge of dinner (which he does willingly) he often asks, “What should we have for dinner?” If I knew that, then half the battle would be over. When I can’t provide any suggestions, he declares a YOYO night for dinner—translated as You’re On Your Own.

We—meaning everyone but him—yoyo with PB&J sandwiches or ramen. After we finish, he wanders into the kitchen and grills a steak for himself. Hmmm.

While we shopped together recently, as I loaded up on hamburger, he saw London broil steak on sale and piled a couple of megapacks into our cart.

When we got home, I asked him if I should separate them into separate packages—he said “Yes.” I knew it. I presented the seven packs of steak to my daughter and said, “Here are the steaks for Dad to eat when he makes us yoyo.”

Yoyos originated as a weapon for hunters—a rock on a string didn’t have to be retrieved (you didn’t have to climb down from the tree to retrieve your rock/weapon if you missed the rabbit, you just pulled the string up and chucked it at the next unsuspecting bunny).

My husband has modified the yoyo for his own hunting pleasures. Steak.


Alice Gibbons said...

We do YOYO night at our house maybe 5 nights a week, and my kids have just come to realize that Yoyo is actually a toy, not a term for dinner time, isn't life grand!

M-Cat said...

YoYo dinners are my favorite. Although, I don't grill a steak, I generally just bury my head in a bag of doritos......

Susan Litster said...

YoYo is the best way to keep everybody happy and isn't any work for anyone. I don't know why we don't declare every night YoYo (except of course when we get to go out and eat. I was surprised when you said he eats steak (well, not really), I thought you would say a big pot of spagetti.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

So funny! only because my hubby does similar things. But mainly at breakfast. We will all eat toast or cereal and then he breaks out the pans for some huge omelet with every breakfast meat available.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for understanding. Us Fibro peeps need to stick together :-)