Monday, December 7, 2009

Back at BootcampwithJess

I’m baaack!

After being gone to not-so-sunny California for a week, I re-entered the world of bootcampwithjess.

There is a new exercise I did tonight. You hold a 20-lb weight ball above your head, and with all the force you can muster, you slam it into the mat on the floor and see how high it bounces. 20 times.

Instructor R incited the rage within when he yelled, “Take out your frustrations. Throw it down hard, Ferran!”

I used my imagination. I imagined that 20-lb ball was something that really frustrated me. Here are three things that I imagined that ball to be…and boy, did my energy unleash!

Oh yeah! My new favorite exercise.

A few highlights from my trip:

1) On the rental shuttle I noticed that my socks were brown and my pants and shoes were black. It was dark when I got dressed. Changed my socks in the parking lot.

2) I got lost trying to drive out of the rental car parking lot. I went round and round. When I realized the dude in the turban watching me was the attendant at the exit, I finally found my way out. He said, “I saw you go by. I knew you’d be back.” At least my socks matched.

3) Needed my security blanket having to stretch so far out of my comfort zone—paid $3 for a 20 oz bottle of Diet Coke and loved every burning ounce of it.

4) Found out quickly where they put the auditors—in an abandoned outbuilding with no heat and no bathroom. Good thing I only drank one Diet Coke.

5) My friendly host CFO acted as my driver for an evening and following morning. Another auditor scare tactic—Mario Andretti meets Lady GaGa. She raced down the freeway applying her makeup. Not. Kidding. Here is the actual photo from the scene. (You can’t see the car, because she is driving THAT fast!)

6) I forgave “Mario GaGa” because: a) I didn’t actually die, and b) She found my iPod Shuffle that I lost and is sending it back to me.


brits said...

So glad that you are back! I think that this may be my favorite post of all...replete with pics!!! You make me laugh and I love reading of your adventures!!!

M-Cat said...

Your home! Your home! Your HOME! And yes that was the incorrect usage of your it should have been you're but then I got lazy about the whole shift and apostrophe thing.

Nice picture as well. Could be compared to riding with Webster in Mexico. In like 13 weeks.....

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

Your pictures are SO funny!!! i know someone who painted their toenails while driving and she didn't die....neither did her passenger who was "FREAKING OUT". I am glad she found your ipod to make up for it!!!!! :D