Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Great about 48???

Four dozen - 48 - an interesting number, good or bad, depending on your point of view:

48 is great for:
diet Coke
hundred dollar bills
pairs of shoes
days in Cancun
books sold at a booksigning
friends wishing you Happy Birthday
back massages
good books to read
chocolate truffles
chocolate chips in a cookie

48 is not so great for:
candles on a birthday cake (Unified Fire Authority came a knockin')
chin hairs
bed bugs
pounds gained
speeding tickets
rejection letters
shingles missing
9-1-1 calling because your kids were messing around on the phone
frogs in the swimming pool
children (I'm glad I stopped at 6!)

Happy Birthday to Me! I may be old, but at least I didn't wake up dead!


CountessLaurie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day!

M-Cat said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Love your freaking GUTS!! All 48 of them!

Jane Isfeld Still said...

When you are 56, 48 looks GREAT!. Happy albeit late birthday. When your 49 you'll really shine. OK CORNY I know but I do that best. Love ya

Josi said...

LOL, I love it. I hope you had a great one.

Sheltielady said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 48 times to you!