Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 14 - Happy Thanksgiving

This morning I dragged my carcass out of bed, put the turkey in the roaster oven, and hauled myself over to BootcampwithJess.

On. Thanksgiving.

I was quite excited to see Instructor C would be teaching the class. She is a lovely blonde woman—almost angelic looking. Here is her picture:

She taught a true circuit class, which was quite refreshing—at first.

Then I caught a glimpse of her true personality—the woman is a machine. I now believe the “C” in Instructor C stands for “Cyborg”

Here is the glimpse I caught of her true character:

I, too, was shocked!

However, it was a great workout—I actually felt the ENDORPHIN rush. I’m glad I went.

It seems that Cyborgs have a purpose, other than terminating people.



Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

THIS ONE is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!! LOVE the pictures....I am a visual person you know!!! :D

M-Cat said...

HAH! I knew you would have to admit it sometime. The endorphins are sooooo addicting! Nothing tastes as skinny feels!