Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Two - BootcampwithJess

Today was “A” day (2nd day of HADES week)


Yes, it is confirmed. I went back voluntarily—muscles screaming at me all the way.

I would like to introduce you to my least favorite exercise. It is my least favorite because of 1) Its name – Dead Cockroach and 2) The deceptive way it feels like a relief for the first 30 seconds and then you wish you were a dead cockroach as the next few minutes drag on and your legs curl up involuntarily and a scream threatens to rip from your throat.

Here is an actual picture of me doing the Dead Cockroach exercise (note how my poor legs are curling, involuntarily):

(Actually, I look quite thin in this picture, so I think BootcampwithJess is already working!)
Push ups today for breaking the rules:     50

Number of injured limbs my instructor has:    1

Number of injured limbs I wish he had:     4

Number of times I jumped to touch the top of the door jamb while wearing a 30-lb vest:   35

How heavy a 30-lb vest feels after jumping 35 times while wearing it:      100 lbs.

Diet Cokes I’ve consumed:     0

Number of firearms I purchased in the past 24 hours (curse that waiting period!):     0


M-Cat said...

That picture is frickin awesome!

I have to ask, was the dead cockroach performed on a bosu? That's a goodie.

Oh how I love you and am proud of you.

Let's see what D day brings.....

Heather Justesen said...

Go Terri! I'm really, really glad I'm not you. Can I say that? I wouldn't cross a room for a Diet Coke even if it were free, but are you serious, no bread? My lie would be over!

Inst Thomas said...

Thats right... Dead cockroach get use to it. as a Soldier in basic training i spent hours in that position in the Alabama Heat back in 1979 lol