Monday, November 16, 2009

Day Six - BootcampwithJess

This is for my daughter’s 13-year old friend who told her “Your mom SWEARS on her blog!” (and Brielle, you know who you are  )

“Dam” is not a swear word

“Dumb bass” is not a swear word

“Hell” is a place (where I’ve been for six days now!) and even if you consider it a swear word, I used it while quoting someone else who may have used it as a swear word, so therefore it does not count as a swear word.

“Rationalization” is what I just did in the preceding paragraph – but that’s how I roll!

Day 6 – my arms are like cooked noodles (BIG noodles; maybe dumplings)—limp and white.

We worked out arms tonight and now I am typing with my toes. There will be no drawings to illustrate the fun tonight (I’m not that good with my toes).

I did not have the 30-pound vest!

I did have to do 10 pushups for “eyeballing” the instructor.

I had to do that Dead Cockroach thing again. It was HELK! (that word was for the two Bri’s—Brielle & Brianna)

I survived the ordeal, then walked outside, slipped and fell on the ice and caused a small tremor to rock the Salt Lake Valley.

No Diet Coke for 8 days (Diet Coke is not a swear word either, Brielle)


Vicki said...

You're still making me laugh!! Keep up the good work!

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

what is "eyeballing" the instructor? did you roll your eyes at him? did you glare at him? did you stare at him in a dazed stupor for too long because of pain?

hmmmm are you supposed to work out with your eyes shut so you don't 'anger' your instructor and make him lash out irrationally at you via pushups?????

I need a drawing of the actual "eye balling" incident. I can't VISUALIZE it......I am putting myself through HELK just thinking about this.....

Loralee and the gang... said... forgot "butt". In some families that is a swear word, too.
Not ours. It's constantly used around here.

M-Cat said...

Oh my, it's a good thing Brielle has never met me!

For the record. dumb bass is the best word ever.

I am picturing your arms as noodles. Crap! I'm hungry!