Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day Four - BootcampwithJess

Today we celebrate the letter E – The fourth letter in HADES week.

END—will it ever END?

This day was complicated by the storm front moving in and aggravating my fibromyalgia pain—My life is aggravated by my adult son moving home and continually knocking on my door as I’m trying to get some much needed sleep.

What tortures awaited me today?

The pattern has warped – My instructor did NOT perform 30 pushups for me.

I had to do 30 pushups. Three infractions – called him “Inspector” twice instead of “Instructor” and forgot to say his name entirely after speaking to him once.

If I had called him what I was thinking of calling him, I probably would have had to do 300 pushups.

New torture: Leap of Faith

A diagram:

Kind of like leap frog, hence the green massive thighs. I had to do this across the room and back. Both feet off the floor at the same time. Note the 30 lb vest. My instructor has a blue cast because his arm is broken. He said it was from a car accident (mwahhhhhh, let him THINK it was an accident). The plague of flies issuing forth from his mouth is a figment of my imagination.

Do not think that I got out of the Dead Cockroach torment tonight. NO! It was worse than ever. How? I was forced to lie in that position, twitching with searing pain, while Lady GaGa blared loudly from the stereo. I. Am. Not. A. Fan.

The longest 5 minutes of my life!

Happy to say, I am still Diet Coke free. I will prevail, if the fires of Hades don’t consume my frail, flabby body first.


Sheltielady said...


What an amazing and inspiring message you leave for us in your daily accounts. I believe that I am convinced to NEVER drink diet Coke and NEVER act like a dead cockroach. (although Jenny and I did try it today - ouch)


Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

I did an hour long Denice Austin work out video today. It wasn't really hard at all, although it did tone my muscles and it did get my heart pumping. I guess the reason why it wasn't hard was because I kept thinking positive thoughts like:

1. ha ha at least I don't have a 30 lb vest on like my Mom!!

2. he he he I don't have to do any pushups in this video like my Mom!

3. I could take a diet coke break unlike my Mom!!! (didn't desire it but coulda)

4. I don't have to be a dead cockroach like my Mom!!!

and last but not least.....

5. I can do anything if my Mom can do that INSANE boot camp from HELK!!!!!!!!! (edited for younger readers)

I think your description of your inspector (I say that in a 'savor the word' type of way...cuz i don't have to do pushups when i say it hahaha) being like Satan with flies coming out of his mouth is probably one of the most petrifying descriptions of a bootcamp instructor I have ever seen or heard of!!!!

YOU ARE ONE AMAZING MOM!!!! And for that, maybe tomorrow I'll do a relaxing Yoga video. ROFL!!!!

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

wow, I now know why i haven't posted on my own blog, i am busy posting ENTIRE post-like comments on yours!!!!!! hahah!! okey dokey artichokey,....peeaceee outttttt.......

Vicki said...

I really appreciate all you are telling us! I found a link for the story on the news. I don't know if it's your bootcamp, but here's the link:

M-Cat said...

I am beginning to think you have miss your true calling. The art work? I am ROLFMAO!!

I think when you are all done with boot camp you should send a link to your inspector (instructor) - which by the way, how on earth did you screw that up?
anyhoo, send him a link to all your posts. I think he would LOVE it.
Now, I am going to suck down more of my CFDCWV


Alice Gibbons said...

I can only say this, what in the "Helk" made you do this horrible, terrible thing? Just the thought of me feeling that amazing the burn in my throat right now, makes me want to yell out the window and say Terri, CATCH! I gotta a 12 pack with your name on it! Good Luck to ya! I will stay in my home with my Rheumatoid and Aleve and don't forget Diet Coke and not even think of those horrible no good terrible bad things that inspector is making you do! Love ya!

Inst Thomas said...

Leap of faith.. yes PT Ferran you have found your fountain of youth.. you need to drink from my Holly grail and Move your Mountain!!! faith can do that.