Monday, November 9, 2009

Day One - BootcampwithJess

I am still alive!

That’s the good news.

I loved my first night of bootcampwithjess!

That’s the lie.

They call this “Hell Week” for a reason. I’m going to refer to it as “Hades Week” because Hades has five letters—one for each day of the week. Let’s start with “H”

As in, Why in the “H” did I sign up for this?

After turning in the diary of my past three days’ intake—food and liquid—the conversation went something like this (it was quite one-sided):

Instructor (reading list): Cheese. Ten pushups.

Although surprised that cheese was bad, I dropped and gave him ten (real pushups). Got back on my feet.

Instructor: 2 Diet Cokes. Twenty pushups.

I dropped and gave him twenty. Wobbled getting back on my feet.

Instructor: Chips. Ten pushups.

They were veggie chips! 33% less fat than regular potato chips. I dropped and gave him five real pushups then asked if I could finish with knee pushups. He said yes. Staggered to my feet.

Instructor: 2 more Diet Cokes. Twenty more. Count them.

I assumed the position (knee pushups), arms rebelled & threatened to collapse. Ignored my arms, gave twenty more. Crawled to my feet. Failed to respond correctly.

Instructor: Wrong response. Ten more.

I went back on my knees. Gave silent thanks for the knee pads. Willed the arms to stop shaking. Did ten more pushups. Almost fell over when I stood up.

Instructor: Ice cream. Ten more.

Back down, cursed Ben & Jerry’s and their mothers. Arms buckled. Caught myself. Did ten more pushups. Somehow made it to my feet. Room tilted.

Instructor: Pizza. Ten more.

Isn’t pizza healthy? It has the four basic food groups. Fall down to my knees, jelly arms somehow make it through ten more. I pray he doesn’t count each slice of pizza.

My prayers were answered. He tells me to stand at attention. I manage to sway at attention.

Instructor: 70% of this program is proper nutrition. For the next six weeks you will not drink soda…

It registers in my brain--NO DIET COKE!

Instructor: No bread.


Instructor: No dairy.


Instructor: No pasta.


I know you are probably thinking—this woman is addicted to Diet Coke. That is not true, I’ve quit drinking it hundreds of times.

Okay, I am addicted to it. Not just the caffeine—it’s the burn, baby.

But which is worse—90 pushups or no Diet Coke? Only an addict would ask that question.

I only hope that the Coca-Cola Company does not go out of business, having just lost my patronage for at least six weeks.

Thus we have the first fifteen minutes of my first night of bootcampwithjess.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


Tristi said...

I just need to clarify something because I'm confused - do you like Coke?

Rebecca Talley said...

Wow, I'd be on the floor writhing in pain by now! Good for you to keep up with it!

Tod said...

Wow, I could save a fortune not having to keep you in Diet Coke anymore ... maybe your Camaro just got a little closer! :-)

M-Cat said...

Oy vay! Good thing you kept it to just one on Sunday.
No bread? No pasta? NO DIET COKE???

peace be with you.....

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

well that sucks (5 for each day of the week).

Should I keep praying for you or is there really no point? no bread pasta or diet coke=no happiness....or could it be a 'different' kind of happiness??? Let me know at the end of 6 weeks rofl!!!!! :D

I'm still jealous you know......but not enough to put in Billy Blanks (maybe the flem in my left lung is contributing to my lact of motivation.....i'll go drink a diet coke for you..i hear it burns right through the flem so maybe I should inhale some too??? ha ha!)

love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(i am what i am, and i am so funny because of YOU!!)

JoAnn Arnold said...

I'll stand on the sideline and shout "NO DIET COKE. NO DIET COKE"
Will that help?

Inst Thomas said...

PT Ferran DROP!!!!! Im watching you..I have never laughed so hard about a pts first day in Hellweek or "Hades" week. and no pizza isnot a food group.. you kill me your lucky i wasnt there for your first day. sounds like Isnt Richens is doing his job. I am going to read the rest of your blogs...

Terri Ferran said...

PT Ferran wants more PT. Thank you for conditioning my mind and my body Instructor Thomas.