Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day Three - BootcampwithJess

Today was brought to us by the letter D (third letter of HADES)

As in – DAM (what the one fish said to the other when they swam into the wall)
            DUMB BASS (what the dam said about the fish who ran into it)

Not really relevant, but I felt like swearing and pseudo-swearing is as close as I could get.

We worked on legs and shoulders tonight. For as big as my thighs are, you would think there were some massive quadriceps hiding in there. Apparently not, because they don’t work properly.

I was instructed to put one foot on the bench, hold the weight ball, and lift the foot remaining on the floor up to the weight ball to tap my knee on the weight ball. And REPEAT 20 TIMES. A diagram of the situation:

You don’t see the weight ball because I had no strength left and could not even do ONE rep. The instructor took the weight ball from me and told me to do 20 reps without it. When he saw my struggle to get my flaccid limb off the ground, a shred of mercy must have escaped his hardened soul – he reduced it to 15. I made it—barely.

Do you recall the Dead Cockroach from yesterday???

I do. Because I had to do it again for the third night in a row, and tonight I discovered that there are two very distinct nerve control centers in my body. The upper and the lower. From the waist up, I was a normal Dead Cockroach—not moving. From the waist down, I was twitching like my SIL given a bad nerve block—not at all normal for a Dead Cockroach. I could not control it. Another diagram:

 So if you see me laying in a gutter somewhere, twitching, these are your directions:

1) If I am face up, it means I’m stuck in the Dead Cockroach position and can’t get up. Please be a Good Samaritan and help me out.

2) If I am face down, it means I still haven’t had a Diet Coke, and you should roll me over and provide me with a 20 oz bottle immediately. Pour it down my throat if I seem unresponsive.

P.S. On a brighter note, I only had to do 10 pushups tonight. I'm seeing a pattern Monday 90; Tuesday 50; Wednesday 10. Tomorrow, I expect my instructor will do 30 push ups for me!


Susan Corpany said...

Oh Terri, this sounds like so much fun! Where can I get one of those thirty pound vests? I am glad to see that you understand that every life experience is fodder for the writing. And speaking as one lives in Hawaii, the only good cockroach is a dead cockroach.

Vicki said...

I am sitting here laughing so hard! I think there was a story on the news yesterday about your bootcamp! I thought of you while I was watching it!

Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

Your diagrams are SO hilarious!!! YOU HAVE TALENT!!!!!! And you are one clever chicka......don't feel bad that you couldn't do that bench thing with the weight,,,,,,and try not to be hard on yourself that you couldn't do 30 either...
did you have the 30 lb vest on? that could explain a lot....not your thighs dear, it's the 30 lb vest!!!!!!!!
GO MAMASITA!!!!!!!!!!!! (still jealous......but it's fun living this vicariously....I get up in the morning with no muscle pain ;)

M-Cat said...

The picture diagrams are my FAVORITE! Well done. Great artist rendering.

One gym I went to, we were supposed to from a standing postion jump on top of a tire. not a regular tire, one of those HUGE tractor tires.

I couldn' do it. And I didn't even have a 30 lb vest on.

I think you are rocking the bootcamp!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Dumb Bass! haha! I will have to call a family member that today! jk...
Where did you get that workout? Sounds like the kind of torture that I need. A friend told me that I could borrow her PDX90 or whatever it is, but hasn't coughed it up yet. This workout sounds even better.

Inst Thomas said...

Find your happy place Pt Ferran.. No diet coke.. i will come to your house for an inspection i crap you not...