Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Seven Bootcampwith Jess

I had to work at a client’s today and was very uptight about making it to HELK (a.k.a bootcampwithjess) on time. It would normally take 30 minutes to drive there, but I allowed 45 minutes because…

For every minute you’re late, you do 10 pushups. Big. Surprise.

Guess what?

If you guessed late—you were wrong. I got there at 4:55, ran inside to the bathroom to put on my workout clothes at the speed of light—or at least within 3 minutes.

Pants - present
Sports bra – present
Sport shorts – present
Socks – present
Shoes – present
Shirt – absent. Conspicuously absent.

Dilemma: Do I workout in my business/work blouse that is sort of silky blue?

Or Do I workout in just my sports bra?

I had to decide fast. I checked to mirror to see just how bad I looked with only the sports bra as my top. Eeeeeeeewwwww! Bleeccchhhh! Jes’ plain nasty!


I put my business top back on. As I tried to not stand out in my non-workout clothes, I spied a couple of t-shirts on display. I asked Instructor Richins (who is NOT an Inspector) if they would sell me one. Ten bucks later, I am properly clothed and standing at attention at 5:00 sharp.

It’s a spiffy camo shirt that says “I survived boot camp w/Jess. P.T. with a purpose!”

Now several things about that shirt are debatable, such as the “I survived” part.

The good thing is – nobody sicked up at having to look at the doughy white midsection of a middle-aged HAGgish woman.

I like the shirt.

I like the fact that I did ZERO pushups for infractions.

I don’t like the actual torture by workout thing—it hurts

But I sure saved money…


Trevor, Brianna, Alivia, and Tayvree Hansen said...

Maybe you should look into becoming a professional ARTist as well as an author!!! That belly is humorous!!
As far as the new shirt you bought.....I love it!! You look instyle.....and I guess it's not too bad it says you survived it before you have.....THE PRESSURE IS ON (even the pressure from swelling!!)

M-Cat said...

I freakin love the shirt! And your boobs aren't too bad either